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download-thrusters-logo-128x128Slow downloads, lazy search and poor internet connection are every file-sharer’s nightmare but with the new powerful download accelerators from Download Thrusters you can now dream of insanely-fast downloads!

Download-Thrusters.com is a website focused on providing users with top accelerating applications for file sharing programs! Developed around a user-friendly and consumer-oriented principle, the library offered here includes exclusively the best software in terms of p2p acceleration tools.

These add-ons offer fully built-in integration to the most popular peer-to-peer clients on the internet including uTorrent, BitTorrent, Shareaza, eMule, LimeWire, AresGalaxy, and Azureus, being the perfect solution for those downloading large size files and internet users on dial-up connections. None of the programs require special skills to be handled as they were purposely created for all types of users running after a self-managing system in the background and consuming minimum system resources.